Today's tip is a hack for getting awesome tech support from a company for a product that you may or may not have purchased. It may not be polite, but it may be a method of last resort.


We all knows what happens if you buy a product and then call for support. If you're lucky, you get put on hold. If you're unlucky, you've called outside of their business hours of 1am to 3am. When you do talk to someone, you're treated like an idiot (in their defense, it's a learned behavior).

If you want great service, call their sales department. Tell them you're evaluating their product, but ran into an issue. You'll be talking to someone that actually wants your business. They're typically very helpful, and remind us of the benefit of good customer service.

Just today a coworker sent me a link (unrelated site) that had a link to a page called "Pre-Sales Questions". They're openly distinguishing between potential customers, and paying customers. The problem is that they make the pre-sales question form easy to use, but the paying customer form is not. Customer service is in a bad state.

My official recommendation is to to fully try out their product during a trial, so that when do you do talk to their sales team, they can at least earn a sale from it. Like I said, this is a method of last resort.