According to the official Google blog, they're now officially indexing flash content. According to my SEO expert, they've been doing this for some time. However, I wonder if making this official is a good news.


One of the big arguments against heavily using flash on your site was that it certainly wouldn't help you in Google. Now, many will see that argument as being gone. We can now look forward to more annoying flash content, and maybe even some flash that is used correctly.

With great power comes great responsibility

-Stan Lee

If you think you can now cheat and use flash content instead of HTML, you're probably wrong. There are many questions that have now been raised (some have been answered):

  • Does each flash file count as a page?
  • Do links to and from flash content count for PageRank?
  • Do you really want ALL of the text in your flash files indexed?
  • Does the SWF get executed in any way, so that the generated text can be indexed?

It's going to take a while before Google gets good at indexing flash files. It's also going to take some time for people to really understand how the process is working. I wouldn't be too quick to convert something to flash just because Google can see it now.

Only use flash when it makes sense to your users. For example, Choice Shirts has an HTML website, but their shirt designer is flash (Flex actually). If their designer doesn't get indexed, it's not a big deal. The designer is there for usability, not for the search engines.