As I mentioned before, I'm trying to consolidate the number of websites that I have to maintain. My domain was badly out of date, and didn't really have any useful information. I decided to redirect all of it's pages to this site.

Moving Boxes

The only page that was getting real traffic on that site was the Subversion virtual machine appliance, which I created a long time ago. I decided to move that page to this domain. That means that I have only one page to manage instead of an entire domain.

If you haven't seen that virtual appliance, it's worth checking out. It's basically a fully functional Subversion install on Ubuntu linux, with WebSVN installed to view it in a web browser. It's been downloaded over a thousand times, and it's now being hosted using Amazon's S3 service.

While the appliance has found a new home, I'm not sure if an when it's going to be updated. If there are any future announcements about it, they'll be made on this blog.