For some time, I've been trying to get UPS to allow us to use their API. Here is their latest response:

Thank you for your interest in the UPS Ready Program.
UPS has reviewed your application and has made a decision not to authorize you at this time. We consider business models, value to customers and UPS, size and age of company, ability to develop and support application(s) within given Program parameters, as well as the full completion of the Application form. Our UPS Ready program supports hundreds of solution providers worldwide, and uses strict screening criteria for protection of UPS's intellectual property, customer information, and representation of UPS trademarks and services.

Young Technologies LLC has been carefully reviewed by our program management, and does not meet our program entry criteria for several reasons. Among those reasons are:

  • functions as an aggregator business model, and UPS Ready does not support such models, or authorize such models to have access to UPS API technology. UPS's APIs are licensed tools, and any unlicensed use is prohibited.
  • UPS's trademarks and service names are protected property worldwide, and unauthorized use of these names and marks is prohibited. We ask that remove these references from your web site, accordingly.

We will retain your information for future reference, should you wish to re-apply for consideration to the Program.  In the interim, we would like to recommend that you have your client(s) register as an End User by clicking on the following link.

Well, I guess the next step is to start calling them. I'm hoping that persistence will pay off.

I would like to add support for end users entering their API key, and then be granted access to the tracking data. That would at least give some of our heavier users some options.

Another option is to scrape the data from their site, which obviously isn't ideal. Does anyone have any other ideas?

They must not care about the 15,000+ monthly unique visitors, or the nearly 500 people that signed the petition.