I have a few tables that contain a column called "Order", which is used to sort by when retrieving the data. The purpose is to keep the data in a certain order when displayed to the end user.

Black LinenNULL
Navy Blue LinenNULL
Dark Green LinenNULL
Burgundy LinenNULL
Ivory VellumNULL
Grey FeltNULL
Natural LinenNULL
White Coated Two Sides1
White Cast Coated One Side2
White SemiGloss Coated One Side3
White Smooth4
White Linen5

The problem is that SQL Server puts null values above non-null values when doing an "order by". To reverse this behavior, this was the most elegant and efficient solution that I found:

Select FooValue
From foos
Order by (Case When [Order] Is Null Then 1 Else 0 End), [Order]

I found information about the original problem here, and the solution was from Tim in the comments. Thanks!