Apple could come out with a killer technology that would increase their sales like nobody's business.


I know what you're thinking. Everyone has virtualization products for the Mac. VMware, VirtualBox, and Parallels to name a few.

Here is the problem, virtualization is a pain in the ass. The average person would have no idea how to do it. You have to:

  1. Create a virtual machine and know what hardware specifications to assign it.2. Have access to an OS CD to install Windows, Linux, or another OS. If it's Windows, you'll need a retail or volume license copy.3. Install the OS in the virtual machine.4. Configure the OS, and install the software you want to use.

If you get to that point, you still have to start up the virtual machine every time you want to run a Windows program. Parallels has really made progress due to the fact that they create coherence mode, which allows you to use your Windows applications seamlessly in OSX.

Electronic CPU

Now we're do the biggest problem. You have to decide how to allocate your resources. Let's say you have a Macbook Pro with 1GB of RAM. If you give the virtual machine 512MB of RAM, that may be too little, or it may be more than you have to sacrifice. You shouldn't have to make that decision.

Step 1 to solving this problem is somehow sharing the memory. The OS should be smart enough to evaluate what is running, and fit it all in.

Step 2. Now, lets take it a step further. Why should I even have to configure a virtual machine? I don't want two file systems, just show me one. I don't want to have to start, suspend, or stop the virtual machine.

So now imagine with me for a moment. This means that you could use your Mac to run Windows programs. I'm not claiming that it's easy, but imagine if Apple could say that they can run all of their software AND 99% of the Windows software that is available. The productivity and beauty of a Mac, and the support of the Windows software industry.

Would you switch if it were possible?