The look of a website is key in determining the emotion that your visitors will feel when they look at it. For example, it's been proven that photos of people on your website will increase customer confidence, and lead to a higher sales conversion rate.


Traditionally stock imagery has been expensive to purchase, and time consuming to create. Many sites that I have seen simply steal images from other sites, or even hotlink in some cases.

I wanted to make sure my blog is using images that are legal, and I discovered iStockPhoto.

As of this writing, they have over 3 million images. The majority are extremely professional, and be just what it takes to give credibility to your website. I'm usually able to find a picture for each of my blog posts, which makes breaks up the content and makes it easier to read.

Here is a site for monitoring your position in a search engine, which I took the liberty of redesigning with some stock imagery.

Before: ugly

After: with stock photos